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2017: "Bitcoin is a fraud." Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P.Morgan

2020: "Moves like this utilizing open source tools can help alleviate some of the scaling issues with bitcoin allowing the cryptocurrency to finally move into the realm of use for everyday payments." —J.P. Morgan Crypto Research Report

The Robots are coming for your Job!

Disruptive Financial Technology in knocking on Bank`s doors. Robots who are taking over customer service chats, construct portfolios and they might be coming for your banking job too. Let BankSith take you on an exciting journey. Your Tech-Resistance is futile! 


About BankSith

Banksith serves as a brand ambassador and educator in times of digital turbulences. Financial markets are currently facing the largest monster tsunami of technological disruption, desintermediation and decentralization in history. Banksith truly believes that those who do not move with the times will be removed over time. Electricity, airplanes, cars and the internet have once reached their pivotal point, regardless of massive headwinds from gatekeepers, regulators and critics. So can your innovative solution do too.

About the Chief Editor 

Rene is a Linkedin Voice, BankSith Lord, Fintech Blogger and full-time Dad. He worked for reputable financial institutions such as Unicredit and Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking in Hamburg, Vienna, London, Zurich and Frankfurt. His expertise in institutional derivatives trading, real estate investments combined with a deep understanding of disruptive trends such as artificial intelligence, crypto assets, blockchain, branchless banking and wealthtech has enabled him to act as an interface between technology-driven digital finance and traditional banking.

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