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10 money quotes that your Government would rather not share with you.

Updated: Apr 8

‘For in every country of the world, I believe, the avarice and injustice of princes and sovereign states abusing the confidence of their subjects, have by degrees diminished the real quality of the metal, which had been originally contained in their coins.’

Adam Smith, Scottish Economist, The Wealth of Nations 1776

‘We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings protected.’

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank and former Head of the IMF in 2019

‘Gentlemen, you can calm down.

The printing presses run day and night again in three shifts.’

Rudolf Havenstein, German President of the Reichsbank (German central bank) during the Weimar Republic hyperinflation of 1921–1923

‘I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.’

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, London financier in the 19th century

‘The dollars that you work hard for are always buying less and less, yet the government tells you there's 'not enough inflation'. The Fed is a government-created monopoly that counterfeits dollars by the trillions, and you're supposed to believe that this is capitalism.’

Ron Paul, former US congressman and Presidantial candidate

‘I don’t believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government, that is, we can’t take them violently out of the hands of government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something they can’t stop.’

Friedrich Hayek, Austrian Economist in 1984

‘The one thing that’s missing, but that will soon be developed, it’s a reliable e-cash. A method where buying on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B, without A knowing B or B knowing A. The way in which I can take a 20 dollar bill and hand it over to you and there’s no record of where it came from. And you may get that without knowing who I am. That kind of thing will develop on the Internet.’

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences, American economist in 1999

‘Which is why Bitcoin is an excellent idea. It fulfills the needs of the complex system, not because it is a cryptocurrency, but precisely because it has no owner, no authority that can decide on its fate. It is owned by the crowd, its users. And it has now a track record of several years, enough for it to be an animal in its own right.’

Dr. Saifedean Ammous, Assistant Professor of economics at the Adnan Kassar School of Business at Lebanese American University

‘I’ve always wondered what would have happened if we had built one-click payments into the browser from the very beginning. With bitcoin, we finally get this Internet of Money. But this book isn’t just an ode to bitcoin — it’s an ode to open protocols, what happens when you connect people online, and the power of innovation on the internet.’

Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

‘Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.’

Nassim Nicolas Taleb, Flaneur, Hedge Fund Advisor, Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at the New York University and Author of the Black Swan

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