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Are you a Nocoiner?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Imagine it's 1998 and you're the only one in the banking department who doesn't know how to use the internet and email. This feeling can be embarrassing. End the misery today! Learn bitcoin and become a Certified Crypto Finance Expert. The Swiss Crypto & Blockchain Training for the Global Financial Industry.

Boot Camp Schedule (source: CCFE)

The aim of the CCFE course is to train the participants to become crypto banking professionals.

Crypto banking is on the rise. The topic is complex and demanding. The speed in block chain and blockchain applications is exponential. In addition, today's banking customers are increasingly better informed. The advisor must have answers to customer questions and knowledge about new developments. There is a danger that the gap between "traditional finance" and "crypto finance" will become too wide and Swiss Banking will suffer as a result.

The CCFE offers:

  • Target group-specific access to blockchain & crypto assets for banking and finance professionals

  • Awareness and overview of the national and international crypto industry

  • Discussion of possible applications

  • Understanding of the ongoing paradigm shift in the financial industry

  • Providing the necessary skills to successfully advise bank customers on digital assets

  • Full SAQ recertification & official CCFE diploma

Option 1: Presence Teaching

In 2.5 days you will get to know the world of crypto banking in a class of max. 20 participants. 

The costs including course materials, company visits and networking amount to 1,950 CHF per participant. The course takes place physically in Zurich and offers the following advantages:

  • Direct interaction with lecturers, experts and company representatives

  • Networking with participants from other financial institutions

  • Unforgettable "study tour" experience in the middle of Crypto Valley

Option 2: Online Teaching

Within 3 months you will be introduced to the world of crypto banking individually, taking into account your own learning rhythm / time availability. The individual modules are supplemented with live expert talks via zoom.

The costs including online learning platform and expert talks amount to CHF 950 per participant. This course offers the following advantages:

  • Participation independent of location, no matter from where you are

  • Time flexibility and self-determination, when which modules are processed

  • Unbeatable low price offer (incl. all course documents and diplomas)

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