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Bitcoin just died! Once again.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I am preparing my outfit for the upcoming Bitcoin funeral... 

The day has finally come. I want to look professional when political leaders and the global financial elite are celebrating. I want to stand with pride when the most exciting financial experiment of the Internet will be finally buried. Black color is always appropriate. Check. Non-black clothing is normally acceptable, as long as it is not brightly colored. Check! Dresses and pants should cover the knees; do not wear shorts or miniskirts! Check. No flip-flops or athletic shoes allowed. Gotcha! We are almost done.

Finally make sure the guy is really dead. This point is crucial not only in mafia movies. Wait a minute. I need to do more research here. What? So, the guy has died 391 times since 2010. Is he really dead? In some Spanish-speaking regions people believe cats have seven lives, while Turkish and Arabic legends claim cats have six lives. I saw a run-over cat on the street last week. The cat has certainly depleted all her lives; she has not moved a bit and looked pretty dead. 

But how do you call someone who has been declared dead for the last 10 years? Maybe Bitcoin is the cockroach of finance. Maybe I should better put on some bright color clothing today and start the day right.

I just realized that my schedule is too busy anyway. If I miss this funeral I will join the 392nd event that celebrates the official death of Bitcoin in the next couple of weeks. I promise!

Read more about Bitcoins postponed funerals at 99bitcoins.

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